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The Griffin

I was watching a music video and was thinking how it comes about,
that some people do the things they do, in spite of, or, because of danger.
Why certain people are more prone to bold, fearless moves
without a regard for their own safety. 
From that thought it was a quick jump to think of the bold mythical creature,
the Griffin (or Gryphon as it is also known as).

The Griffin

The Griffin is a majestic mythical beast with rear body of a lion and the head, wings,
forelegs and talons of an eagle. This combination makes the Griffin especially fierce.

Rampant Griffin
A rampant Griffin.

The Griffin has a special meaning of strength, courage and boldness.
In heraldry, the legendary Griffin also denotes intelligence and leadership.
Below is a few of our antique wax seals that are engraved with Griffins.

Antique Griffin wax seals

Second from left in the image above, is an antique ivory and steel wax seal with a
demi rampant Griffin. The seal originates from the Netherlands, and dates to the 1850's.

Griffin Wax Seal Necklace
This is what the pendant looks like in silver.

Below is the image out of an English heraldic book that dates back to 1859.

Griffin crest
Amazing creature, isn't it?

In the mythical world, the Griffin is the most powerful and majestic of all creatures.
Griffins not only mated for life, but also, if either partner died,
would continue throughout the rest of its life alone, never to search for a new mate.
According to medieval legend, the Griffin's claw was believed to have
medicinal properties and one of its feathers could restore sight to the blind.

All this Griffin talk and back to the music video I was watching ...
Filmed in India, Django Django's "Wor".

Django Django

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