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Griffin Wax Seal Necklace

Griffin Wax Seal Necklace - Strength Courage Boldness antique wax seal jewelry Mythical Gryphon

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Wax seal necklace depicting a Griffin symbolizing Strength Courage and Boldness. Antique wax seal jewelry in silver with heraldic mythical Griffin (Gryphon beast).

This listing is for one necklace with a Griffin (or Gryphon as this beast is also known as).

The Griffin has a special meaning of strength, courage and boldness.

The Griffin is the most powerful and majestic of all creatures. With the rear body of a lion and the head, wings, forelegs and talons of an eagle, the combination makes the Griffin especially fierce. In heraldry, the legendary Griffin denotes strength, intelligence, courage and leadership.
Griffins not only mated for life, but also, if either partner died, would continue throughout the rest of its life alone, never to search for a new mate.

* this listing is for pendant with an 18 inch delicate sterling silver chain
* size of pendant is about 22x25mm

This particular wax seal pendant was made using an authentic antique wax seal from the Netherlands. The wax seal dates back to the mid 1850's.

The wax seal necklaces are made by hand in Myrtle Beach, SC by RQP Studio.

The pendant is made of fine silver .999 (which is 99.9% pure silver), and a 18" sterling silver chain is included (sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver). Please note that the pendant has been through a oxidization process to give it an antique, vintage patina. The antique seal has been pressed into the silver by hand, and this makes each and every wax seal pendant unique. The wax seal pendants are hallmarked on the reverse with the RQP logo stamp and a silver content stamp (.999) to show that the silver content is 99.9% pure silver. The wax seal necklace you will receive is similar to the ones in the pictures.

Helpful hints:
* Some of the images (above) of the wax seal necklaces have been photographed close-up. If you have a hard time imagining the size of the charms, then it can be helpful to physically draw the dimensions of the wax seal charm on a piece of paper.
*You can type in the words "mm to in" into Google's search box, that will give you a quick converter if you prefer the dimensions measured in inches.