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Antonio Canova

Here we have Antonio Canova, the famous Italian sculptor.
 Born in Possagno in 1757, and died in Venice 1822,
only 60 miles away from his place of birth.
He received the title "Marquis d'Ischia" from pope Clement XIV.

Antonio Canova
At 38 years old, he created Hebe,
Goddess of Eternal Youth and cup-bearer of the gods. 
The original marble statue was executed for Count Albrizzi of Venice, Italy. 

Hebe by Canova
Four repetitons where made of the original marble statue.
A repetition of the original was made for the Empress Josephine
(wife of Napoleon Bonaparte). This particular statue was later 
in the possession of the Emperor of Russia.

Hebe by Canova

A second repetition, slightly varied, was made for Lord Cawdor from the United Kingdom.
A third repetition was created for the Countess Guicciardini of Florence, Italy,
and the fourth was made for the King of Prussia, Frederick William II.

Hebe Wax Seal Pendant

The Hebe gem in our collection is by an intaglio carver by the name of
Nicola Cerbara of Rome, Italy (b.1793 †1869).
He made Hebe after Antonio Canova's model.
The Goddess of Youth Hebe, pouring the wine she served to the gods.
A lithe figure of ideal beauty, she represents the feminine perfection.

The weightless, rhythmically arranged drapes provide a sense of movement
whilst the bared upper body adds to the sensuality of the youthful goddess.

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