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Swallow Migrating South

Today's featured wax seal necklace depicts a migrating swallow.
It seems a fitting choice considering the time of year.
The words framing this piece reads in French:
Le Froid Me Chasse
(Coldness Drives Me Away)
The antique wax seal that was used in the process of making the necklace
dates back to 1810's, and it originates from France.

Swallow Wax Seal Necklace

The swallow migrates to warmer climates in the winter,
and using it as a symbol in emblems was common several hundred years ago.
Below is an example out of a book from 1659.

Swallow emblem

Number 309 has a header in Dutch "A Swallow flying over the Sea".
The emblem picture has a symbolic meaning translated into 7 different languages, 
it explains in English: "She looks else where for a dwelling place".

Swallow Emblem

Above is another example of a migrating swallow from a gem engraving book dated 1836.
It relates to how some of us also prefer warmer weather. 
A relevant theme in the 21st Century, as a few people do travel South in the winter.
Snowbirds... We love them in Myrtle Beach!

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