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Stargazing and Denmark

We visited Denmark on our Scandinavian trip.
The sun was shining, it was a picture perfect day in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Denmark
 Copenhagen and its canals ~ Denmark's own Venice.

The architecture is fabulous, and the old buildings are eye candy
to anyone with a vivid imagination and an interest of history.

Rundetårn (Rundetaarn Observatory)
Smack in the middle of the shopping district we find this gem.

Rundetårn Observatory (Rundetaarn or "Round Tower")
is one of those eye candy places.
Here king Christian IV came to stargaze in 1642,
he went all the way up the top on a horse-drawn carriage.

Rundetaarn Copenhagen Denmark
The 7.5 twist spiral inside the tower, built for horse drawn carriages - an equestrian ramp.

The king of Denmark Christian IV commissioned the astronomical tower,
and plans for it was underway already back in 1625.

King of Denmark Christian IV
The king of Denmark in all his pomp and glory. (Christian IV, 1577-1648)

The astronomical round tower was built as a way to study and research
the heavens, for world travels, to create maps and navigate the seas.

Rundetaarn 1742
Rundetårn Tower drawn circa 1742.

The observation deck is located 114 feet (34.8 meter) above street level.
Below are some instruments that was used way back then to study the skies.

Astronomical instruments 
Tools for astronomical observations.

While the idea of the round tower being used as an
observatory of the skies, we enjoyed observing just the building itself.

Rundetaarn entrance
The decorated entrance.

The outer facade have beautiful angel medallions, crowns and wreaths.

17th Century Angel
A bit weathered, this angel has probably seen it all.

The 17th Century angels are reminiscent of the wax seal intaglios
we work with the make the necklaces.
Cupids, angels and such, are still a popular heavenly theme.

Cupid on Rundetaarn
A 375 year old angel.

The upper part of the tower has a gilded inscription.
King Christian IV wanted to put his own mark on the building,
and made a rebus out of it.

Rundetaarn rebus
"Lead God, the right teaching and
justice into the heart of the crowned King Christian IV, 1642

The observatory, stargazing and heavenly bodies has us
thinking of Mother's Day gifts of all things!
Back to work in other words...
We have to make more celestial wax seal necklaces in time for the 14th.

Wax Seal Necklace  - Sun Star Moon
The sun, moon and stars ~ everything for your happiness.

Je Les Conjure Tous Pour Votre Bonheur
(I Invoke Them All For Thy Happiness)

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