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Prickly Rose

Today's featured wax seal necklace is the prickly rose.
For some, it may be a suitable subject this one day after Valentine's.
Below is an emblem from an old book "Devises Heroiqves Et Morales",
published for the first time in Paris, France. The year was 1649.
It shows the thorny but beautiful rose.

Rose emblem
A sweet but prickly rose.

The Latin motto on the rose emblem is;
Etiam Armata Placet
(It pleases even though it is armed)

The antique wax seal we used in creating the prickly rose necklace below,
originates from France and it dates back to the early 1800's.
The motto on the charm is in German.

Rose Wax Seal Necklace
Keine Ohne Dornen (Not Without Thorns)

Every rose has its thorn.

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