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One Is Enough

Valentine's Day is nearing, and we've been reading about Saint Valentine.

Saint Valentine
 Saint Valentine receives a rosary.

 To be sure, we got stumped right away.
All that is known of the saint is his name, and that he was martyred
and buried at a cemetery north of Rome, Italy on the 14th of February.

Relic of Saint Valentine
The relic of Saint Valentine in the church of Santa Maria in Rome, Italy.

Some have claimed that Saint Valentine is associated with love because
he secretly performed Christian weddings during Roman persecution.

What's true though, is, that there's no Valentine's Day without Cupid.
Many Valentine’s Day customs can be traced back to pagan practices
associated with the Roman and Greek deities Cupid and Eros.

CupidFor Cupid, one plus one makes one love. One is enough.

Cupid is the mythical god of desire, attraction and affection.
We found the wax seal necklace that is a perfect match to the sentiment
above on the old Victorian Valentine's Day card.

Heart Wax Seal Necklace
Un Seul Me Suffit (One Sufficeth Me)

One heart, one love.
One is enough for me.

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