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One Day Like This

It's a beautiful day here in Myrtle Beach, the sun is shining down on us
 and we're working on a new batch of bronze pendants.

bronze wax seal pendants
From polished to blackened, and then back to polished... 

The sun face has a Latin motto that says "Be Mindful Of Thy Ancestors",
the sun is the heraldic symbol representing glory and splendor. 
There's a little Cupid sitting on top of a lion, with the Latin motto "Omnia Vincit Amor",
that translates to "Love Conquers All".

bronze wax seal pendants
Here is a few bronze pendants in their unfinished stage.

It's Friday at noon, not many hours left until the long Labor Day weekend begins.
Time to let loose, relax and have some fun!
At a day like this, Elbow is coming out of the speakers.
Which way to the condos??

Elbow - One Day Like This

Have a great weekend!


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