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My Silver Lining

We're working with an antique wax seal that has a beautiful crest with rampant stags.
The motto is in Latin, and it's about never giving up hope.
 Perge Animo Sperare
(Continue With Undaunted Hope)

Never Give Up Hope wax seal pendant

The original owner of the seal was a man by the name of Pehr Ambjörn Sparre,
so perhaps the choice of motto was a wordplay on his surname.
Ambjörn was born in Sweden 1828 and died in France 93 years later.
He was a member of the Swedish Parliament, an inventor and a Printing Director.
He was the first one to get the contract bid for manufacturing and printing Swedish
"modern" postage stamps when the introduction of unit postage became law in 1855.

Ambjörn Sparre
Above is a drawing of Ambjörn Sparre

During his long life, he certainly never gave up hope when researching and testing
new ideas, new inventions ~ some which were pretty ambitious to say the least!
For example, he tried to develop an airplane, a flying machine that could lift
straight up into the air from the ground. 
In the 1890's he was making modern bicycles.
The massive "puncture-free" rubber tires to the bicycles were manufactured in England
and the tires were promoted as the "Sparre Tyres". 
The red thread throughout his life was the fact that he never gave up hope
on any endeavor or project. He never let himself get beaten down, 
but instead stayed optimistic, always positive and enthusiastic.
Perge Animo Sperare ~ Never Give Up Hope.

Hope. You've just gotta keep on keeping on...
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