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Guiding Light Polaris

She is at the sky and shines upon the earth.
Polaris, the North Star, has kept many safe with her guiding light.

The motto on the wax seal necklace is in Latin; Coelo Hæret Solo Lucet.

Using the North Star as a symbol in emblems was common several hundred years ago.
The antique wax seal that we use in making this necklace dates back to the late 1700's.
I'm pretty sure the emblem below, number 49, was the inspiration for the wax seal,
as it carries the same motto. The emblem book is from 1659.

Polaris North Star emblem

Number 49 has a header in Dutch "A Star in the Sky".
The emblem picture has a symbolic meaning translated into 7 different languages, 
it explains in English (typo edit): "She is at the sky, and shines upon Earth".

North Star emblem

The above emblem is from a wax seal engraver's book dating to 1810.
Here it shows the North Star symbol representing the motto "Guides But Forces Not".
The seals were used to close letters with wax, to keep away from prying eyes.
Many wax seals had little whimsical messages, rebuses, or inspirational quotes.
Others had the owner's crest, family symbols et cetera.
The designs on the wax seals were pictograms,
symbols representing a word or a phrase, conveying a meaningful message.
The Polaris North Star is a symbol of protection,
a heavenly body that shines upon us and illuminates the darkness.
A star in the sky to keep watch over you.

The North Star
Polaris. A star to guide the way when lost.

There is an app you can download for free called "SkyView Free" (for Apple devices),
or "SkyMap" if you have Android devices.

SkyView app
SkyView Free icon 

I downloaded SkyView Free on my iPad, went outside in the night sky,
and held it up, pointed the iPad as a telescope toward the sky. 
The app helps you find stars and constellations and more.
The first thing I saw was Jupiter. Super cool!

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