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We went to Georgetown, South Carolina this Sunday.

Georgetown South Carolina

It's a lovely little historic 
town circa 40 miles south of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Shrimp Boat In Georgetown South Carolina

We we're looking for some local shrimp, fresh off the boat,  but unfortunately Sunday is 
the only day of the week the fishing crew is taking a rest and staying docked.

Such Is Life Wax Seal Necklace
"Telle Est La Vie" ~ Such Is Life 

A certain wax seal necklace came to mind - I guess we were not having any fresh seafood!

Sweets Shop In Georgetown
The company name says it all. Their homemade chocolate is to die for!

Substitutions are easy to find in Georgetown though.
If there's no shrimp, well then, there's always sweets.

Georgetown Ice Cream Shop
Georgetown Ice Creamery

Whatever time they don't have to work on the façade, peeling paint and all,
they certainly make up for it on the inside...
Yummy ice cream to keep us cool on a hot summer day in the Carolinas.

Historic District in Georgetown South Carolina
The historic district in Georgetown is great for a day trip.
Apart from shops, museums and such, there are historic sign posts around town.

Georgetown Town Clock
The town clock with it's weather vane is just lovely.

Georgetown Town Clock in South Carolina

Speaking of weather vanes, below is our wax seal necklace with a French motto;
"Suitable For Every Wind" ~ about being adaptable, flexible.

So, backed up with some wax seal mottos about "Such Is Life" and 
being flexible, we adjusted accordingly. No shrimp? Fine. We'll just chill by the docks.

Georgetown SC Waterfront
Georgetown waterfront and harborwalk marina with it's restaurants and bars,
is a great place to sit and relax and ponder.

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