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Calm In The Storm

The featured wax seal necklace depicts stormy sea waves crashing on a wall of rocks.
The words framing this piece reads in French:
Calme Au Sein Des Orages
(Calm in the Storm)

Calm In The Storm Wax Seal Necklace

Below is a similar theme from an emblem out of a book that dates back to 1659.
To the left you have the corresponding symbolic meaning in 7 different languages.

Number 462 has a header in Dutch: "A Rock in the Sea".
The picture representation is explained in English:
"I see their violent efforts without stirring".

Antique Emblem

Below is another emblem that is several hundred years old.

"Unmoveable to their efforts".

The wax seal necklace has a symbolic meaning of
finding your peace in the midst of the chaos, 
to calmly weather the storms of life.
Stay rock steady when the waves come crashing in on you with ever more speed,
stress and change. The tide will turn for the better eventually.

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