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The Eagle Does Not Catch Flies Wax Seal Pendant - antique wax seal jewelry Wyvern Shield Latin motto

The Eagle Does Not Catch Flies Wax Seal Pendant - antique wax seal jewelry Wyvern Shield Latin motto

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Wax seal pendant depicting a crest and Latin motto "The Eagle Does Not Catch Flies" - antique wax seal jewelry charm.

This listing is for one pendant.

The words framing this piece reads in Latin:
Aquila Non Captat Muscas
(The Eagle Does Not Catch Flies)

Don't sweat the small things.
Great people do not concern themselves with trifling matters or insignificant people. Don't waste time and energy pursuing the insignificant.

The shield depicts a Wyvern.
The wyvern symbolizes valor and protection.
It is a mythical beast with the upper part of a dragon, two legs and a body that curves into the tail of a serpent and finishes into an armed point.
The wyvern has other attributes; it was supposed to have a keen sense of sight, which enabled it to guard treasures. It is also a symbol of vengeance or perseverance.

There are three crests above the shield with the Wyvern;
An armored arm holding a battle axe
A double-headed displayed eagle denoting courage
A squirrel representing thrift & caution

The wax seal used in creating this pendant dates back to the early 1900's, it originates from England.

* this listing is for one pendant
* no frills - shipped with no meaning card, no gift packaging
* the pendant is made of solid bronze
* the size is about 29x22mm

The charms are made by hand in Myrtle Beach, SC, by RQP Studio.
Please note that the charm has been through a oxidization process to give it an antique, vintage patina. The antique seal has been pressed into the bronze by hand, and this gives each and every wax seal charm a unique look. The charms are hallmarked on the back with the RQP logo stamp. The wax seal charm you will receive is similar to the ones in the pictures.

Helpful hints:
* Some of the images (above) of the wax seal charms have been photographed close-up. If you have a hard time imagining the size of the charms, then it can be helpful to physically draw the dimensions of the wax seal charm on a piece of paper.
*You can type in the words "mm to in" into Google's search box, that will give you a quick converter if you prefer the dimensions measured in inches.