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Aesop Fable Wax Seal Necklace Fox and Grapes - antique wax seal charm jewelry French motto Sour Grapes

Aesop Fable Wax Seal Necklace Fox and Grapes - antique wax seal charm jewelry French motto Sour Grapes

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Wax seal necklace with Aesop fable "The Fox And The Grapes" - antique wax seal charm jewelry.

This listing is for one necklace featuring a scene from a well-known Aesop fable,
a tiny fox leaving a grapevine trellis.

The words framing this piece reads in French:
(they are too green)

Sour Grapes.
You can't get everything you want...

From the Aesop childhood fable "the Fox and the Grapes"
we all learn that "You can't get everything you want."
(you can read the fable below...)

* in order to avoid confusion, please pay special attention to the charm size
* size of charm is approximately 13-15mm in diameter
* this listing is for one charm with a delicate 18" sterling silver chain

The antique wax seal used in creating this charm dates back to the beginning of the 1800’s France.

The wax seals are made by hand in Myrtle Beach, SC by RQP Studio.
This wax seal charm is made of fine silver .999 (which is 99.9% pure silver), and a 18" sterling silver chain is included (sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver). Please note that the wax seal charm has been through a oxidization process to give it an antique, vintage patina. The antique seal has been pressed into the silver by hand, and this gives each and every wax seal pendant a unique look. The wax seal charms are hallmarked on the back with the RQP logo stamp and a silver content stamp (.999) to show that the silver content is 99.9% pure silver.
The wax seal necklace you will receive is similar to the ones in the pictures.

The wax seal jewelry comes with information of the particular seal used and what it means.
We hope you'll enjoy wearing it!

Aesop fable "the Fox and the Grapes":

Once upon a time there was a fox strolling through the woods.
He came upon a grape orchard. There he found a bunch of
beautiful grapes hanging from a high branch.
"Boy those sure would be tasty," he thought to himself.
He backed up and took a running start, and jumped.
He did not get high enough.

He went back to his starting spot and tried again.
He almost got high enough this time, but not quite.
He tried and tried, again and again, but just couldn't get high
enough to grab the grapes.

Finally, he gave up.

As he walked away, he put his nose in the air and said:
"I am sure those grapes are sour."

The moral of the story is you can't get everything you want.